Bridgeway Community Church exists to glorify God by impassioning His people with a burden for Everyday Commandment and Everyday Commission living. EC2


DELIGHT (Love for God):  A person who loves God with his lips and his life
DEVELOP (Self-Feeding):  A person who loves the Word of God with his heart; learns the  Word with his mind; lives the Word in his life
DIALOGUE (Prayerful Dependence): A person who regularly communicates with God and successfully wages war in His power
DELIVER (Peer-Evangelism):  A person who intentionally ministers to nonbelievers
DEPLOY (Peer-Care):  A person who intentionally ministers to the church – the Body of Christ
DESIGN (Biblical Identity):  A person who regularly sees himself as God sees him; no more, no less


            Winning (outreach)                   
     Equipping (ministry training)
               Building (growth)
          Multiplying (leadership)                                                                                                                                                                                                       


KNOWING GOD PERSONALLY... Because a personal relationship with God brings ultimate satisfaction and meaning, we seek to know, love and worship Him.
AUTHORITY OF THE WORD OF GOD… Because the Word of God alone is absolutely true, relevant, and unchanging, we explore it.

LIFE-ALTERING OBEDIENCE...Because maturity is more a way of life than a way with words, we teach for life-alteringacts of obedience.
PEOPLE MATTER TO GOD… Because people matter to God, we're committed to reaching others for Christ locally, regionally, and globally.

SMALL GROUPS… Because God has created the body in such a way that we need each other, we encourage accountability through small groups.
GIFT STEWARDSHIP ... Because ministry is a team play, we empower God's people to use their spiritual giftedness within the Body of Christ.
DISCIPLEMAKING ... Because disciplemaking is the sole nonoptional command of the Great Commission, we train believers on the “How To's” of making healthy disciples of all individuals at their level of spiritual interest.
EXCELLENCE… Because excellence honors God and inspires people, we pursue it.

RELEVANCE… Because God's eternal truths never change, we seek to minister in a culturally relevant way.

… Because a church can go no further than its leaders, we identify, groom, and appoint them.