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Everything begins in Genesis except God.  He's the source from which the
universe came into being.  Space, planets, animal, plants, and human life
were brought into existence by God's creative breathe. Genesis definitively
answers nagging questions like:  What is there? How did it get there?  Did
it have a beginning? What or who is responsible?  Where did death come from?
Did Adam and dinosaurs share the garden? How should I approach my job? Why
is it wrong to murder?  What is the gospel?  How does Satan tempt me today?
What is God's response to sin?  What's so special about Israel?

What Do You Want On Your TOMBSTONE?
Genesis 47-50

 Christ-followers are on a pilgrimage that will end in the promised house of our Father.

Are You Ready To Meet Your Maker?
James 4:13-18


Our Great Interposer
Genesis 45

 God constantly includes himself in the best and worst of times of our lives morphing all for his glory and our good.

Forgiving Others
Selected Scriptures


The Freedom of Forgiveness
Genesis 44-45

We have two choices: 1. Carry the anxiety of our "secret sins" until God outs them. 2. Confess our sins to God and to those we've wronged.

Dealing With The Skeletons In Our Closet
Genesis 42-43

A healthy conscience is our God-given right and wrong meter that reminds us to deal with our past and move on.

The Sovereignty of God
Genesis 41

When we believe in a sovereign God, we can let go and move on. 

Waiting on God
Genesis 40


Missions Sunday
Dave Glerum


Dealing With Sexual Temptation
Genesis 38-39


Why Were You Born?
Genesis 40

God delights to accomplish his will in and through us, even when we are clueless to the master plan. 

Zero to Hero
Genesis 37:1,2


Suffering University
Genesis 34-37:11

 The best of saints have endured the worst of sufferings.

A Faith Worth Sharing
Josh Talarico


How To Restore A Wounded Relationship
Genesis 32-33

The only way to heal the painful wounds of our past is through forgiveness.

Wrestling with God
Genesis 32

When we wrestle with God, we always lose.

Deceiver Deceived
Genesis 29-31

The Labans God brings into our lives are his customized growth curriculum for us. 

Jacob's Ladder
Genesis 28

 Any place can be a "house of God" for us, if we meet the Lord there.

Baptism Sunday


Resurrection Sunday


The Blessing
Genesis 27

Earthly fathers are never more like their Heavenly Father, than when they bless their children. 

The Life-Altering Presence of God
Genesis 26


Why Should I Seek to Rescue a Sinning Brother or Sister?
James 5:19-20


The Procedure of Carefrontation
Matthew 18:15-20


The Principles of Carefrontation
Ephesians 4:25-32


Caring For The Erring
Galatians 6:1-6

 Caring believers minister to erring believers by helping, holding, and building them up.

Genesis 25


Knowing God's Will
Genesis 24


You Want Me To Do What?
Genesis 21-22

The only way to increase our faith is to exercise our faith.

Perfect God For Imperfect People
Genesis 20

 Sin can alter God's plan for you, but it can't ruin God's plan for you.

Coaching Tips for 2016


Five Areas Of Stewardship


Christmas Eve


No Crib For A Bed


Sin City
Genesis 18:16-19:38


Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?
Genesis 18:1-15

If we really believed that what God said, he will do, our lives would be so different!

El Shaddai
Genesis 17

When we have nothing else but God, then we realize that God is enough.

The God Who Sees
Genesis 16

 Because God's eyes are always on us, he wants us to keep our eyes on him.

Dealing With Doubt
Genesis 15


What Does The New Testament Really Teach About Giving?
Genesis 14


Follow Me
Pastor Dave Glerum


What Does The Old Testament Really Teach About Giving?
Genesis 14


Abram - Stepping Out On Faith
Genesis 12-13

Our lives should be so lived that when we reach the end of our life, our faith, like Abram's, will remain as an enduring legacy to others.

Babel On
Genesis 10-11

God alone can clear our confusion and unite us.

The Rebeginning of sin
Genesis 9:18-29

 Sin's effects and extent require us to judge ourselves critically and others graciously.

When God Is Silent
Genesis 8-9:17


Genesis 7


The 2nd Greatest Catastrophe Of All Time
Genesis 6:7


Marks of a Countercultural Christian
Genesis 6:9-10


The Best of Times...The Worst of Times
Genesis 6:1-13

The worst of times can be the best of times for God's people to pierce the darkness.

Walking With God
Genesis 5:1-32

 Spiritual disciplines are intentional practices that deepen our experience of God's grace by creating space for God's Spirit to transform us from the inside out.

Being Complete and Alive in Christ
By: Josh Talarico


Tale of Two Brothers
Genesis 4:17-26

 Is my life heading towards God or away from him?

Growing Strong in the Christian Life


Cain And Abel
Genesis 4:1-16

 My relationship with God affects my relationship with others.

Running The Race Of Faith: John Riggs
Hebrews 12:1-2


Consequences Of The Fall
Genesis 3:7-24

 My life consists of the kinds of choices that I make.

What Would Jesus Say About SCOTUS's Gay Marriage Ruling?


Anatomy Of The Fall
Genesis 3:6

Satan appeals to our legitimate hungers by suggesting methods of satisfaction that are illegitimate.

Crisis in Paradise
Genesis 3:1-5

The enemy of our soul encourages a distorted view of God's Word and his goodness, so that we will sin against our holy God.

Crisis in Paradise
Genesis 2:18-25

 Every couple experiences ultimate marital satisfation, when they follow God's blueprint.

'Sola Scriptura'
Dr. Don MacKenzie 


Genesis 2:4b-17

Embracing God's ideals yields great personal meaning in my life.

God's Sabbatical
Genesis 2:1-4

 Believers need regular sabbaticals to maintain their personal stamina and spiritual vision.

Genesis 1:26-31

 Seeing myself as God's wonder-work answers the nagging questions of identity and purpose.



What A Difference A Few Days Make
Genesis 1:14-25

God instantaneously and miraculously created our world in six 24 hour days.

What A Difference A Day Makes
Genesis 1:3-13

God instantly and miraculously created our world in six 24 hour days.

In The Beginning...
Genesis 1:1-2

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.