Walking as Jesus Walked

"Children love to play Follow the Leader. Remember those days? After a leader is chosen, all the followers mimic the leader's actions. Bridgeway’s launching an advanced version of this game we're calling "Walking As Jesus Walked (WAJW)." Tracking him through the Gospel of John we’ll ask two life-altering questions: "Am I talking as Jesus talked?" and "Am I walking as Jesus walked?" We’ll particularly follow John’s emphasis of believe and live. Why not join us as we mimic our Leader?"

Seven Words Of The Cross
John 19:28-30

WORD SIX = The Word Of Victory

Seven Words Of The Cross
Matthew 27:45-46 

WORD FOUR = The Word Of Substitution

Seven Words Of The Cross
John 19:25-27 

WORD THREE = The Word Of Love

Seven Words Of The Cross
Luke 23:39-43

WORD TWO = The Word Of Assurance

Seven Words Of The Cross
Luke 23:27-37

WORD ONE = The Word Of Forgiveness

The Lord's Prayer
John 17:1-26

Healthy Christians/Churches live out the four themes of the Lord's Prayer.

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
John 16:1-33

The Holy Spirit comes to us, and through us he carries out his ministry to the world.

If The World Fits, You're The Wrong Size
John 15:18-16:4

While following Christ does not guarantee health and wealth, it does ensure hatred and persecution.

The Eleventh Commandment
John 15:12-17

The way we are loved by God is the way we must love one another. 

John 15:1-11

Just as a branch cannot bear fruit unless it abides in the vine, even so as Christ-followers we cannot bear fruit unless we have an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

John 14:7-31

 Depend on the Holy Spirit for your daily power, comfort, and peace.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers


What is a Healthy Church?


Christmas Eve


Part 2




When You Have Heart Trouble
John 14:1-6

Jesus' solution for troubled hearts requires us to take God at His Word, trust we are going to heaven, and remember that Jesus is coming back.

The Mark Of The Christian
John 13:31-38: cf. I John 3:11-24

 Because we've experienced God's love, we must express it.

Celebration '14


John 13:18-30


Living Securely In An Insecure World
Psalm 91

God watches over his people and never fails them in the hour of danger. 

People Of The Towel
John 13:1-17

The ultimate proof of greatness is service.

What Will It Take To Keep You From Jesus
John 12:12-36

Some people verbally accept but behaviorally reject Jesus.

Love's Extravagance
John 12:1-12

God longs for us to express our love for him with all that we are, and with all that we say, and with all that we do.

The Lazarus Factor
John 11:1-57

 A personal relationship with Christ impacts our attitude toward death and the altitude at which we live.

Psalm 23 by Josh Talarico


John 10:1-42

Personal identification with the shepherd can make a sheep feel safe.

Spiritual Blindness
John 9:1-41

The first step of faith is to accept the fact of blindness.

The Light Of The World
John 8:12-59

Jesus still is the light of the world, making a daily impact in our lives. 

Second-Chance Scrooges
John 8:1-11

We do not always act as forgiven people, but we should because none of us has the right to throw the first stone.

Stay Thirsty My Friends
John 7:1-53

The way to avoid spiritual dehydration is to drink before you're thirsty and eat before you're hungry.

Jesus - Food That Lasts
John 6:22-71

Food only sustains physical life, but Jesus gives eternal life.

John 6:16-21

During the storms of life, the impossible becomes possible when we place our faith in Jesus.

Hungry World
John 6:1-15

Our compassion mingled with Christ's power can more than meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people of this world.

The Man Who Was Equal With God
John 5:17-47

Our vertical relationship with God shapes our horizontal relationship with those around us.

Focusing On The Right Things
John 5:9b-16

Whenever we trade revelation for traditions, we inevitably misrepresent God and peddle distorted rules and regs that inaccurately represent him and needlessly shackle mankind. 

Do You Want To Get Well?
John 5:1-9a

We are never too sick, never too lost, and never too sinful for God's healing power.

Living By Faith
John 4:46-54

When I genuinely believe that Christ can be trusted with my dearest treasure and my deepest problems, I'll commit my entire life to him.

The Bad Samaritan
John 4:1-45

 Christ-followers who categorize sins as "respectable" and "unrespectable" are not fulfilling their responsibilities to God and man. 

Baptism Sunday


Dr. Don MacKenzie- Pieces of Your Puzzle
Romans 8:26-28


It's Not About Me
John 3:22-36


John Riggs- What Characterizes the Lifestyle of a Christian?
I Peter 2:11-12


Born Again
John 3:1-21


Memorial Day


Righteous Anger
John 2:12-25

Christ-followers operate their lives on the basis of convictions, rather than convenience when they discover God's purposes being violated. 

Mother's Day


When The Wine Runs Out
John 2:1-11

Jesus' glory alone is the source of endless joy, illogical mercy, and extravagant grace.

John 1:19-51

When people are clear on who Jesus is, it results in a life-altering encounter that utterly reorganizes their lives and moves them to bring others to Jesus. 

Resurrection Sunday Service


Good Friday Service


God Is Here
John 1:14-18

If we cannot or do not believe in Jesus' true identity, we will not be able to trust our eternal destiny to him.

God Is Here
John 1:9-18

If we cannot or do not believe in Jesus' true identity, we will not be able to trust our eternal destiny to him.

God Is Here
John 1:1-8

If we cannot or do not believe in Jesus' true identity, we will not be able to trust our eternal destiny to him.

Introduction to the Gospel of John

Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book, but these are written so that you may beleive that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name." John 20:30-31