Living Right Side Up in an Upside Down World

What's a disciple to do when she finds herself living in an anything-goes-kind-of-culture? Is it still possible for an individual to have a significant kingdom impact in such a dark place? Join us as we explore the ancient stories of Judges discovering how we should live in our modern day  world that has drifted far from God.

Operation Love Your Neighbor
Ephesians 4:29-32


An X-Ray Of An XXX-Rated Culture
Judges 19-21

The only solution to cultural and individual depravity is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Creating God In Our Own Image
Judges 17-18

 When we place our faith in the wrong object (i.e. wrong thoughts about God, idolatry), the sincerity of our faith does not make the object of faith true. Faith is objective, not subjective only.

Samson: Graceonomics
Judges 16

We can never outsin the grace of God.

Samson: The Womanizer
Judges 14-15

God 's plan is not derailed over our sinful choices. Though he incorporates our evil choices (Genesis 50:20), we are still accountable for our sins (Galations 6:7; Acts 2:23).

Samson: His Birth
Judges 13

God wants us to invest our one-and-only-life for his pleasure and purposes.

Jephthah: Canaanized
Judges 10-12:7

Fueled by worthy views of God, His people practice a countercultural lifestyle that boundaries relational contact and maximizes Gospel impact.

Gideon and Abimelech: Finishing Well?
Judges 8-10:5

 God values faithfulness "in the long run."

Gideon: Your God Is Too Small
Judges 6-7:25

 Peace only comes when we understand the bigness of God.

Deborah and Barak
Judges 4-5:31


Mission Possible


Reliously Immunized- Pastor Jeremiah Brown
John 2:23-3:18


Old Fashioned Christmas
Luke 2:17-20


The Person God Uses
Judges 3:7-31

God delights in using the people our culture devalues.

Idols In The Land
Judges 2:6-3:6

It's possible for godly people to live godly lives in godless times.

God's Editors
Judges 1-2:5

Since God keeps his promises, his people can bravely obey and worship him.