• Dave - Lead Pastor

    As a child I accepted God’s gift of salvation and I’ve never gotten over that moment of illogical love and extravagant grace.  My passion is to love, lead, and feed Bridgewayites with radical abandonment. Bridgeway truly is the perfect church for imperfect people.  I’m glad for this because I am the chief of imperfect people.  We’re also a come-as-you-are place because we’re related to a come-as-you-are God!  God has blessed me with my bride, Susan and a beautiful growing family.    EMAIL  FACEBOOK

  • Dave G - Youth Pastor

    In my early childhood I committed my life to Christ and later felt called by God to dedicate my life to ministry. Since then, God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and one child on the way. I have always had a heart for youth and find such joy being able to invest in their lives. Since our first day at Bridgeway, my family and I have enjoyed the welcoming and loving atmosphere of the church. There is no greater joy for me than to live for the God who has saved my life!    FACEBOOK

  • Susan - Administrative Assistant

    I joined the team in the fall of 2005. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Christian Education. I love Bridgeway and have enjoyed ministering side by side with Dave in our twenty years of ministry here. I like being with and rubbing shoulders with Bridgewayites. I have four daughters - Kara, Kaitlin, Bethany, Aimee.   EMAIL  

  • Charles - Elder

    I came to know Christ as my Savior in my thirties and have been continuing to grow in Him through study of  the Word.  Being part of the Bridgeway team is a blessing to me and my family.   We feel the people at Bridgeway have provided us with a wonderful church home, which continues to grow with Christ's love for one another.   I give thanks to God for my wife, Carole, three children and the wonderful life in Christ I am trying to lead.   EMAIL  |  FACEBOOK